Full service hunting dog training and breeding facility for championship grade Labrador Retrievers.
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Labrador Retriever Training Facilities - Grouse Creek Labradors

Grouse Creek’s Labrador Retrievers is located in Northern California, at the base of Scott Mountain, between the towns of Callahan and Gazelle, California. The ranch totals 550 acres and is situated at 3500 feet thus experiencing all four seasons.

Running through the ranch are two rivers. The main river is the East Fork of the Scott River. The East Fork of the Scott River meanders through the ranch for one and half miles. The second river is called Grouse Creek and joins the East Fork of the Scott River at the southern end of the ranch property.

Grouse Creek’s Labrador Retriever facilities has multiple fields on which to train dogs. Some fields are suitable for puppy training while other fields allow advance training for either hunt test scenarios or field trial scenarios.

The ranch has two ponds for training. One pond is small and ideal for puppy training while the second pond is a very technical pond and allows for more advance training.

In addition to the fields and ponds on the Grouse Creek Ranch we have access to adjacent National Forest Lakes and Fields. Local ranchers also allow us access to their fields and ponds.

During the winter months, when our ponds freeze, we travel to either Medford, Oregon or Anderson, California to train. Both locations are equal distance from Grouse Creek Ranch.



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